10 Tips To Staying Busy During Quarantine

10 Tips To Staying Busy During Quarantine


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36 thoughts on “10 Tips To Staying Busy During Quarantine

  1. Very nice. Quite interesting and informative with some good ideas and suggestions. I like it! One thing, here in Europe, everyone reads, every neighbourhood has several bookstores including some that deal in old books, antiques and used books. Not too much Netflix (only one movie per night). All the best!

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    1. Hey Francisco!

      That’s great to hear that about Europe! I guess the states just love their movies and tv shows, haha.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it.


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  2. Great post, Jenna! Very informative and I absolutely loved how you included so many videos, gifs and photos! Made reading this 100x more enjoyable! Keep up the great work! So excited for more!!

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  3. Awesome Post with some lovely tips!!!
    I am just curious about the 10th point(Go outside), because quarantine includes not going out.
    Rest every thing was perfect.
    Keep writing😊 will be waiting for your next post.


    1. Hi Ava! Thanks for the comment. As for tip #10 – “Go Outside”, if you read through my suggestions, you can see that I suggested some great outdoor activities that stay in the frame of social distancing. If you live with family or friends (roommates) there are some fun things that you all can do while still staying safe from others that you do not live with. 🙂 hope this helps! ❤️

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  4. Wow Jenna. Your blog is amazing.
    Thanks for the tips, it’s indeed very helpful. I’ve just been indoors reading and writing, started exercising though. Will try some of your tips.

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    1. Thank you! That honestly means so much to me ❤️ I’ve worked pretty hard on my blog/website and I’m super excited to start putting more content out! Stay tuned… 😆


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